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Sediments of the Namib Desert comprise rocks of Cretaceous to Recent age, some of which are rather localised, while others are more continuous. The rocks underlying the modern Namib Geology Picture 1Desert Sand Sea are witnesses of past climates and ecosystems, and their study allows unravelling the history of the Geology Picture 2development of the Namib Desert. Researching the more recent geological events and the interaction between the Atlantic Ocean and the desert sediments, including marine geochemistry, allows valuable insight in this unique ecosystem. Palaeontological research is an integral part of such studies, as are investigations into the formation of diamond accumulations for which the Namib Desert is well known.


Some examples of research topics that should receive attention are:

  • Biostratigraphy of the Namib Group;
  • Palaeo-Environment of the Tsondab Sandstone;
  • Exchange processes between the Desert and the Benguela Current Upwelling System;
  • Development of ephemeral river systems;
  • Coastal erosion and accretion. 

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