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Barb in the Library 2012

Scientific information is acknowledged as vital to a training and research field station. In addition to the many activities the Gobabeb Centre has, for five decades, accumulated a wealth of scientific literature.
The Gobabeb library is therefore a hub of information benefitting the scientific community and also promoting the ability of others to access, understand and use our accumulated wealth of data sets, as well as the knowledge and discoveries of the Namib Desert.
The library adds to the value of the field station by information dissemination on dryland and dryland margin research for access, sharing and re-use as well as long-term storage and data management. The well-documented 'source-code' is an excellent basis for reviewing and sharing the collections housed at Gobabeb.

Using the LibraryThe Gobabeb Centre has a bibliographic record of 2000 entries on publications of local and international standard. It started with the in-house publications of the Scientific Papers of the Namib Desert Research Station in 1962. Due to the large size of the data set only the last three years are documented for viewing. For more information on the bibliographic entries please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

The Gobabeb Centre, in collaboration with its partner institute the Desert Research Foundation of Namibia, has embarked on an innovative project to enhance access to data, information and knowledge – a project to digitize all its library contents and project information.

Library and Training 2012


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Focus On:

The inscription of the Namib Sand Sea as our World Heritage Site.

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Popular Articles

  • Akhtar-Schuster, M. (2011):
    Improving the enabling environment to combat land degradation: institutional, financial, legal and science-policy challenges and solutions
  • Cunningham, P. (2012):
    Notes on some aspects of the ecology of the Husab SandLizard, Pedioplanis husabensis, from Namibia
  • Henschel, J. R. (2006):
    Sustaining life and livelihood along an ephemeral river
  • Kaseke, K.F. (2011):
    The Effects of Desert Pavements (Gravel Mulch) on Soil Micro-Hydrology
  • Norgaard, T. (2010):
    Fog-basking behaviour and water collection efficiency in Namib Desert Darkling beetles
  • Wassenaar, T.D. (2012):
    Ensuring the future of the Namib's biodiversity: Ecological restoration as a key management response to a mining boom
  • Seely, M. (2014):
    Science education for sustainable development: the Gobabeb experience
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