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The High and the Low AEROCLO-sA is on the go!

Roland Mushi, a Research Technician at Gobabeb Research and Training Centre, got an opportunity to visit (AEROCLO-sA) ground-based site of the AEROCLO-sA project at Henties Bay on 11/12 of September 2017. This effort is part of capacity building for Gobabeb staff members for the AEROCLO-sA.

AEROCLO-sA which stands for Aerosols, RadiatiOn and CLOuds in southern Africa had launched a field campaign at this site to perform airborne and ground measurements to study the effects of aerosols (these are small, fine solid or liquid particles that are suspended in the air) on climate as well as remote sensing and coastal fog monitoring.

According to Roland: “I was not only amazed by what I saw, but the trip served as a breakthrough to my general understanding and knowledge on matters related to meteorological science and application of scientific equipment. The simple but highly sophisticated PEGASUS mobile station was impressive with several instruments installed inside it to measure aerosols, clouds, radiation, coastal fog and other surface measurement. The training was an eye opener and added a valuable lesson into my scientific research career. For making this trip a success, I would like to give thanks to Dr Gillian Maggs-Kölling from Gobabeb, Dr Stuart Piketh, Dr Anne Monod, Dr Paola Formenti and the entire AEROCLO-sA team that warmly welcomed me and made sure my stay was highly taken care of.”





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