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Roland M

Roland Mushi

Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology Intern

Born and raised in Dar es Salaam City - Tanzania, Roland finds himself in Namibia for a number of reasons. He was first introduced to Gobabeb in 2012 when he came as a visitor but later on developed an interest and passion with the research and other scientific activities carried out in this arid-environment. To fulfill that passion, he has recently joined Gobabeb as an intern under the FogNet project (Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology).


Monja Gerber

Masters student and Research Assistant

Monja is a student from the North-West University in South Africa, where she completed her bachelor’s degree in Microbiology and Botany, and Honoursdegree in Crop protection. She believes that we form an intricate part of nature, and that we were put on earth to admire and discover the wonders of nature. She plans to do exactly that during her time at Gobabeb, while completing her Master’s degree in Environmental Science. Her Masters project focuses on the magnificent !nara plant, an endemic to the Namib Desert, and how this plant interacts with the surrounding environment.


Gobabeb Training and Research Internship Programme (GTRIP) Participants


Saima Shikesho

Saima is a graduate from the University of Namibia where she completed her Honours degree in Environmental Biology. Her passion and interest towards the environment and the beauty of nature brought her to Gobabeb as an intern under the Gobabeb Training and Research Internship Programme (GTRIP) to enhance her knowledge and skills about scientific research and understand more about the Environment and the adaptations of organisms to their environments.


Debcren photo

Ester Kayala

Ester obtained a BSc (Honours) degree in Environmental Biology from the University of Namibia. Her interest for the environment began in high school as she was part of a regional Environmental society and had the opportunity to travel and explore beautiful Namibia. She then grew the urge of wanting to manage organisms, preserve the landscapes and maintain biodiversity. Ester wants to be part of a team that is willing to protect or conserve and encourage the sustainable use of natural resources including the environments (Custodians of our environments).

GTRIP is an opportunity granted to her to enhance her research skills and scientific knowledge, to learn how to manage environments better, to learn how to and how organisms have been surviving or adapting in different environments such as the desert. She, however would like to understand the effects climate change has on natural systems, Ester has grown an undying desire for this phenomena and there is so much research that she thinks needs to be carried out and a lot of learning to do. Her plan is to do a Masters in Environmental Management.

Elizabeth Shilunga

Elizabeth Shilunga

Elizabeth is a recent graduate from the University of Namibia, where she obtained her honours degree in Environmental Biology. Being part of Gobabeb Training & Research Internship Programme (GTRIP) is a great opportunity for her, it will serve as a learning platform to strengthen her understanding and acquire more practical experience especially in the field of scientific research writing, biodiversity and environmental sustainability. Additionally, being part of this amazing research and training centre is an opportunity for Elizabeth to learn new things about the Namib Desert, meet new people. She is grateful to start her journey towards her career with this organisation.



Petra Mutota

Petra is a 3rd year Natural Resource Manangement (Nature conservation) student at Namibia University of Science and Technology. Studying NRM got her interested in aquatics, land management and plants. Her passion for conservation of the wilderness and traveling drove her to apply for GTRIP, she saw this as an opportunity to be part of a 6 month adventure in the desert. It will help her develop a new scientific, outdoor experience. She hopes to leave with the essential knowledge to pursue a career in Environmental management, once she graduates with her Honours degree.


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